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      Jingjiang jia yu labor service co., LTD is the business and human resources and social security bureau approval of labor dispatch service co., LTD,The company's main business scope:Labor dispatching;Construction subcontracting;The steel structure、Engineering machinery、Auto parts、Metal products、Marine equipment and accessories、Clothing、Clothing、Plastic products、Metal pipe manufacturing、Processing、Sales;Housing construction project、Decoration engineering、Pipeline engineering、Anti-corrosion insulation works、Ship painting work、Electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering construction;Scaffolding rental、The installation;Property management。     Enterprise has a number of experienced industry management experts,Have a senior human resources management,For the enterprise、Institutions provide the required all kinds of talents。The company has a number of senior human resources manager and business consultant,The main service project for dispatching,File management,Human resource information consulting,Labor laws and regulations policy consultation and information…...
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Comprehensive interpretation“Five social insurance and one housing fund”
The so-called“Five social insurance and one housing fund”,That means:Provide for the aged、Health care、Out of a job、Inductrial injury、Five kinds of insurance and housing accumulation fund(A gold)
Regular labor dispatching labor units need to be aware of the problem
Labor dispatching is a special way of labor employment,Its essential feature is that labor separation of users and administrators。《Labor contract law》For the first time in the form of law made a special provision to this way of employment。
What is the labor dispatching?
Labor dispatching is also called the employee dispatching、Employee leasing、Labor force dispatchment、Labor leasing、Employee leasing,It is to point to by labor dispatch agencies and send workers to conclude labor contract,Labor dispatch business is in recent years, China's talent market use a new way of choose and employ persons
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Labor dispatching benefits which can be as the unit of choose and employ persons
What's good about company implements the labor dispatching?Some units in order to reduce labor costs,Reduce the labor dispute,May be a service task。Set labor task also need to sign labor contract task,Need to clear the rights and obligations of both parties。
Remove and terminate labor contract
The lift according to labor law provisions of labor contract:Article 36 Unit of choose and employ persons and laborer,May terminate the labor contract。Article 37 The laborer a written notice to the employing unit 30 days in advance,May terminate the labor contract。Labor…
Labor dispatching and outsourcing9The difference between and3A practical points
Labor dispatching refers to the labor contract entered into by dispatching institutions and personnel,From the actual project unit to send staff to pay labor remuneration,The labor contract relationship exists between dispatching institutions and personnel,But in sending employees labor relations…
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